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lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

BOOTLEG: Roger Waters Rarities Volume 1 1997

Roger Waters
Rarities Volume 1
320 Kbps
Track List:

01 - What God Wants - Live at the Guitar Legends Festival 91/10/18
02 - The Bravery of Bring Out of Range - Acoustic version from the 1990 Berlin Rehearsals
03 - The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking - Extended version from 12" EP
04 - The Thin Ice - 90/07/21 Live Berlin version when stage lost power
05 - Radio WAVES - Extended Remix from 12" EP
06 - Going to Live in LA - B-Side to Radio WAVES single, unused demo from KAOS
07 - Get Back to Radio - B-Side to The Tide is Turning, the first song Waters wrote for the KAOS project
08 - The Hero's Return Part 2 - 1983 B-Side to Not Now John
09 - Across the Universe - BBC Tribute to John Lennon, performed with Andy Fairweather-Low
10 - Me or Him - Demo recording, taken from a 1987 Rockline Interview
11 - Molly's Song - B-Side to Who Needs Information, recorded live in concert
12 - Sunset Strip - Live during the KAOS tour rehersals
13 - The Gunner's Dream - Live from 84/07/24 in Philadelphia, PA during the Pros and Cons tour
14 - Comfortably Numb - 92/04/01 live version with Don Henley at the Walden Woods Benefit
15 - Outside the Wall - 87/09/20 live version from Los Angeles, only live version of song to date

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