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miércoles, 14 de diciembre de 2011

Pink Floyd - 1980-08-09 - Earl's Court (DVD) PRO SHOT VIDEO

Divided We Fall The Wall Live Earl's Court August 9th 1980

The video of this show was a dream come true for the millions of fans who were not lucky enough to be able to travel the hundreds or thousands of miles to the few cities in which Pink Floyd performed The Wall during the 1980 and 1981 tours. Because of the animosity which existed between Dave and Roger, and Roger owning all rights to any video's, it was thought it that a video would never be made available.
When the video came out it caused quite a stir among Floyd and Waters fans, and with Roger Waters himself. For this video was not the typical bootleg video shot from a hidden stationary hand held camera, and shot from somewhere in the audience at the back of an auditorium. There was no camera jitter and movement, no low quality shots, no splicing or flickering evident. It was clear that this video was somewhat professionally done, and that the film was shot from three separate angles, with three separate cameras with professional pan and zoom features, and on tripods. These films are definitely professionally edited! It was obvious the photographers recording this event had the Floyd's permission. It is known that only Roger Waters has all rights and access to any and all video's shot during The Wall concerts, and he had heretofore refused to release any footage of the events. Therefore Roger was quite aroused and upset at the prospect of bootleggers getting a hold of any tapes of these shows.

101 - Master of ceremonies
102 - In the flesh
103 - Thin ice
104 - Another brick in the wall pt 1
105 - Happiest days of our lives
106 - Another brick in the wall pt 2
107 - Mother
108 - Goodbye blue sky
109 - Empty space
110 - What shall we do now
111 - Young lust
112 - One of my turns
113 - Don't leave now
114 - Another brick in the wall pt 3
115 - Last few bricks
116 - Goodbye cruel world
201 - Hey you
202 - Is there anybody out there
203 - Nobody home
204 - Vera
205 - Brings the boys back home
206 - Comfortably numb
207 - The show must go on
208 - Master of ceremonies
209 - In the flesh
210 - Run like hell
211 - Waiting for the worms
212 - Stop
213 - The trial
214 - Outside the wall

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